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So glad you loved the crowd! We loved you guys just as much. Several people have asked about you all and complimented how awesome of a band you are. Also heard several times this was the best wedding many people had been to and I don't think that would have been possible without all of you!  I think you'll be getting some more business here in Jackson. 

Thanks again for coming, directing, interacting and putting on an awesome show! 



Jen and I wanted to sincerely thank you and the rest of the band for a great night.  I can't tell you how many people came up to us during the wedding and afterwards to say how much fun they had and how great they thought you guys were.  Having the band at the reception just seemed to add something extra and gave off such a good energy.  Obviously I'm a little biased but that was one of the best receptions I can remember.  I also wanted to thank you personally, as you were very patient with Jen and I during the whole process and were very flexible with any changes throughout the process.  

I would happily recommend you to anyone who would be in the market for your service (we had a bunch of people ask about the band) and if there is anywhere you would want me to write a review, whether it's your band website, facebook, yelp etc.. let me know and I would absolutely do that as well.  Thanks again TJ. 



Cosmic Groove Band is a 5-star vendor.  In fact, it almost seems wrong to even call them a "vendor."  That title just has the sound of a relationship based solely on a monetary transaction & a service.  In fact, Cosmic Groove was almost like having 8 extra friends at our wedding reception.

My (new) wife and I can't say enough about how much Cosmic Groove added to our wedding.  In fact, there was even a point during the night when I was in the photo booth, and was surprised when two members of the band came in for a picture!  They are the epitome of a fully interactive band.  

In terms of the nuts & bolts of planning the wedding, from the very fist inquiry emails, to the night of our wedding, they were nothing short of amazing.  Professionalism is definitely a term I would use to describe them.  During preparation meetings, we were asked questions that we NEVER would have even thought of considering, however, they all ended up playing a role in why our night was so enjoyable.

I've never been to a wedding where the dance floor was as filled as ours was.  Truly, the dance floor was packed the entire night, and that is because of Cosmic Groove.  They were able to take the 40-50 songs that we selected, and arrange the set lists in a way that our guests in their 70's (my great-Aunt Kathy) was just as glued to the dance floor as our 11-year old guest (my nephew Nick) as well as everyone in between.

As we reflect back upon our wedding, we keep hearing people talk about how they felt the band truly added a dynamic element to our celebration.

I know it sounds like an advertisement, but I can't stress this enough: If you're in the search for a band for your event, I can't even fathom looking anywhere else.

-Matt & Liz Barranca 



Thank you for everything! You guys sounded so great and it was an amazing night. Everything ran smoothly and was on time because of you guys. It was great working with you. 

We also received many compliments and people were asking for your name! Thanks for making the night so fun!

JILL SCHOENHERR - Beaumont Health Systems

You guys were awesome last night. Lots of good comments and in the 9 years I've been working on the event, I've never seen the crowd 1. Stay in the room for that long (which I believe was a result of your performance) and 2. Dance as much as they did!  It was a great night from all angles, but most importantly from the entertainment aspect!

Thanks for all time you guys put in to prepare.


DEBBY ORLOFF - Chief Executive Officer Michigan Parkinson's Foundation

T.J. - we love you!  Thank you so much for playing and singing for us. Everyone said you were the best band. We haven't seen so many people dancing in a long time.  I would like to link to your website and also hopefully we can have a clip to show people what outstanding musicians were with us.

Thank you for being with us to make the evening.




We had a blast last night.  It looked like the crowd and the band really got into the groove, shall I say, a cosmic groove?  Ok, I'm not really funny, but everyone that we spoke with was blown away by how well you guys performed.  Not only could you get the younger people on the dance floor, but the more "seasoned" folks as well.  People thought it was 11pm when it was only 9pm because of how much they were moving on the dance floor.  You were a pleasure to work with, and everything went smoothly.  We also appreciated you guys getting into some of our guest activities - we will definitely come check you out at another gig and recommend you to any friend, family, or stranger looking for a band!  Well done.

From the new Mr. and Mrs. Connolly


Cosmic Groove was AMAZING! They played our ceremony & reception. They were so friendly to work with. T.J. made me relaxed from Day 1. Because of how amazing they were, our guests continue to tell us that it was the BEST wedding they have EVER been too! The set list was awesome & they even learned our guests’ names! They did an amazing job getting the party started! Our guests never left the dance floor & we got multiple compliments on how people had never seen so many people dancing until the last song! We recommend them to anyone who wants their wedding to be the talk of the year! They were the best part of our day! We can't thank them enough! Sarah & Josh Crittenden



From the first song to the last, the dance floor was packed!  You guys are amazing and were the highlight of our wedding!  We can't thank you enough for making our goal of "one big party" a reality! Thank you thank you thank you! Lauren and Tony Wiseman



Saturday was amazing, you and the band did a fantastic job and I really appreciate you letting my nephew jam with you guys. He had a blast and said that was the best night of his life. You guys were just great and we got so many compliments on how amazing you guys were. So thanks again and really hope to see you guys play again in the near future!!!

LES LIPSKI (father of the bride) 

Once again, pass the word on, we had a great time!

You guys did a great job at Theresa and Doug's wedding.  We had so many positive comments during the night and the next day.  Thanks again, you guys help make our special night even more special.

Now............we will have to figure another event so we can get back together and enjoy Cosmic Groove sooner rather than later....especially for us old guys, I was really tired at the end of the night..............

Thanks again,




Thanks again for coming out and playing especially in the horrible weather. You guys are great. And the crowd loved loved loved you!



Thanks for a great night at Rochester Mills last night. The Warren Mott class of '93 had a blast!!



Cosmic Groove is absolutely fantastic. After receiving quotes from Toledo area bands, I went on gigmasters to look around Detroit. I'm so glad I did! After receiving their quote and listening to what they had online, I was really excited. I had a great phone call with their main contact and immediately connected with him on the phone. He insisted we should come check them out before we booked, and they did not disappoint! I was sold in the first minute of watching them perform! It's apparent they LOVE what they do, and my wedding was amazing because of them! We had a full floor of people dancing all night! Horns, male and female vocalists, this band has EVERYTHING!

Thanks Victoria and we'll see you at your sister's wedding on April 5th!!



Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our wedding so amazing. The one thing we wanted was for our entire dance floor to be full the whole night.....thanks to you our wish was successful. It has not even been a month since our perfect day and I have had countless family and friends ask for your name to recommend to newly engaged couples. You are truly amazing and passionate about music and it is one of the main reasons our wedding day was as fun and memorable as it was. Thank you and we'll see you at the next Shmyr wedding!

RON SHMYR (father of bride Megan Solace)

TJ!!! In my book, there is no other band for us.  You guys (and gal) were ridiculously good.  I was floored.  

Thank you so much for the kind words.  I can't wait for the next party. 


Thank you so much! Our friends and family have been talking about the amazing band all weekend! You guys were AWESOME! So much energy! You definitely kept everyone on the dance floor all night! My little cousins loved the props too : ) So much fun. We loved every minute.

Thanks again,
Jessica and Zach



Oh Thank you so much T.J.!!  We had an amazing time and it was better than we ever imagined.  We would have loved for you to play another hour too!!  ("one more song!")  haha!  You and your band were fantastic from start to finish and you helped bring our dream to life.  The dance floor was packed and even my father in law, who was skeptical about anyone dancing at a family party, had fun dancing and made a point to tell me how right I was.  Everyone absolutely raved about the band and we even talked of someday getting a group together to go see one of your public gigs.  We also had numerous compliments on the Beatles guitar music at the ceremony which rocked too and really fit both of us.  I could go on and on...



We want to sincerely thank you for making our wedding so unforgettable! We greatly appreciate all that you did to make planning our wedding such a fun and enjoyable process. T.J. was so helpful!

As our guests left at the end of the evening, every single one complimented us on how great the band was and how wonderfully the evening went. We were told several times that our wedding was the most memorable our guests have been to in a very long time and we attribute much of that to the fantastic performance you put on from the moment the reception began to the moment the final guests had to leave the dance floor! So again, thank you so much for everything!!


ROOP RAJ (Fox 2 News)

" guys played something for all generations represented here today."

At the Parkinson's Foundation fundraiser



We had an incredible day/night and it all came together perfect!! You guys were awesome and we couldn't be more pleased! Thank you TJ. You guys rocked it out!!!



A big thanks to all of you for helping to give us a wedding night we will never forget.  We had people all night coming up to us complimenting you guys.  You guys sounded AWESOME!  I have never seen a wedding that had almost everyone on the dance floor for the ENTIRE night.  And a special thanks to you for all the work that you did in coordinating the night.  We both feel that you went above and beyond the call.  We will be recommending you guys to everyone we know in the future and we will also be sure to place a recommendation to gigmasters.  Thank you and we hope to catch you guys live again whenever we are back in the area.


Brian's feedback provided to

Cosmic Groove absolutely made our wedding a smash! They take stress away during the planning process as they coordinate with the event site manager directly. For the band itself, they had almost EVERY single person on the dance floor the ENTIRE night. You choose 100% of your setlist and there is a huge variety. They are a 9-piece band and charged much less than bands with only 4-5 people. This band is professional, punctual, fun, accomodating, friendly, and they can just plain wail! We had relatives out on the floor who we have never seen dance in their lives before our wedding. If you want your guests to have fun all night, Cosmic Groove is your band!



Cosmic Groove was excellent! My wife and I were absolutely blown away with the amazing performance at our wedding. I have many siblings with kids and we both have a lot of older aunts and uncles and almost every single one stayed until the band stopped playing at 12:15AM. I had many young and old friends and family tell me that that was one of the best bands they had ever danced to. Everyone was on the dance floor and the floor was packed all night. I had aunts and uncles that I've never seen dance get out on the floor. If you want great music and great professionalism and at a price well below any great band like them, I highly recommend Cosmic Groove.



This band was AWESOME!! I hired them for my husbands 40th birthday party that was 80s themed- and they killed it! The band was very professional and accomodating. They even dressed up in 80s gear for the party. They have great talent and I would not hesitate to hire them again. In fact all night I was getting compliments on the band!! Thanks Cosmic Groove for making my husbands birthday a night that he and our guests will never forget! You ROCK!!


Cosmic Groove was formerly known as The G-Daddy's band


If you’re looking for a wedding band or considering the G-Daddy’s for an event, please read my letter.

Before my wife and I were even engaged, we had decided we wanted a live band to play at our wedding (too many cheesy wedding D.J. experiences).  Fortunately as the groom, I was tasked with only one wedding related task….find THE band.  I was extremely nervous about finding the band because we live six hours away from our hometown where we were getting married. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see any of these bands play live and would have to rely on the internet to make my choice.  Luckily for us I found the G-Daddy’s on the Gigmasters website.

Shortly after submitting a request for information on the Gigmaster’s website I was contacted by T.J. (the G-Daddy’s drummer and “manager”).  T.J. pointed out that they were an experienced band and had an impressive catalog of music that we were looking for and also that they had played at our reception hall before.  I then went to their website and was impressed by the amount of music and video clips they had available.  Liking what I saw, I had a long phone conversation with T.J. about what we were looking for.  After a few days of convincing my wife, I e-mailed T.J. to book them.

In the months leading up to the wedding T.J. and I had several phone and e-mail conversations and planned out all the details.  T.J. was accommodating to all our requests, including our request that they dress down to conform to our casual dress code.  T.J. offered several helpful suggestions based on his experience and helped us design the playlist well in advance of the ceremony.  He also offered to play “standard” recorded dinner and break music or to let us choose those playlists as well (and went out of their way to procure the music we wanted but they did not have).  Needless to say T.J. eased my nerves about the music situation.

A couple weeks before the wedding, T.J. and I spoke to confirm all the details.  The band even worked with us to compile a montage of music that my wife and her dad danced to for their first dance. 

The day of the wedding the G-Daddy’s arrived as promised and had everything set-up well before the ceremony and reception.   I went over some last minute changes with T.J. and the next thing I knew they were starting their first song.  I knew these guys were going to be good, but they were AWESOME! They sounded great and seemed to have a great time while playing. They kept people (kids and grandparents alike) on the dance floor all night long.  They brought along ear-plugs for our guests in case they got too loud, but I don’t think anyone needed them. They adjusted their volume perfectly, just loud enough for the “rockers” in the group but also at a comfortable enough level that the grandparents could have conversations. They also brought an unexpected surprise for the “kids” in our group, inflatable guitars, that were enjoyed by “kids” young and old.

We couldn’t have been happier with the G-Daddy’s . They were great in every sense.  T.J.’s professionalism from the beginning put me at ease about our choice and the rest of the band delivered big time on wedding day.  I had several guests at the wedding who are professional musicians and they were very impressed with the musical talent of the band.  Personally I was most impressed by how much fun the band had and I felt that they were part of our wedding, not just entertaining us.   We are literally getting thank-you letters from our guests telling us how much fun they had at our reception and how much they enjoyed the G-Daddy’s. 

If you’re looking for a professional group of talented musicians to liven up your wedding reception look no further than the G-Daddy’s, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



The G-Daddy's performed at our wedding in November.  Forget a DJ - the band kept the crowd up and dancing for over 3 hours.  Our guests barely sat down.  They are a must-have for your wedding.  The band's professionalism is exceptional and they sound phenomenal.  Additionally,  the breadth of songs The G-Daddy's play is amazing - the band worked with us to make sure that the songs selected were reflective of what we and our guests wanted to hear.  They also handled all of the announcements and emcee duties perfectly and worked with our other vendors leading up to the wedding to ensure everything would go smoothly.  As the night went on, The G-Daddy's kept the music upbeat and rocking and offered a musical selection that met the tastes of all of the wedding guests.  Even now, 3 weeks later, our guests of all ages can't stop talking about the band at the wedding and how amazing they were.



I came on here to post a review of the band, but there are already so many! Must be because these guys truly deliver. We had our wedding this past weekend and considered getting the Mega 80s and some smaller local bands but settled on The G-Daddy’s after hearing their sample stuff. These guys seriously friggin’ rock and were worth every nickel. They didn’t miss a beat and even helped me coordinate the cake, champagne toast, etc. which I probably couldn’t have done otherwise because I was mostly blotto. I had 5-10 guests afterwards say that they were seriously impressed as to how authentic and spot on these guys sound. It was like having every band you wanted all rolled into one and they were friendly also. I even got to shred my own voice into the mic a bit when they played a Journey song. Can’t beat it!!

If you are considering other bands, don’t; you just won’t get what you pay for compared to these guys.

MARK LICHTMAN - Detroit chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization

The G-Daddy's played our holiday party and they were AWESOME! Their song list is full of favorites and they really got our party going. 

T.J. is very professional and he kept us in the loop so we knew what to expect.  They arrived early for setup so they would not interfere with our event and provided background music during dinner and on their break.

The G-Daddy's music is terrific, vocals amazing and I recommend hiring this band for any occassion in which you want to have a rockin', fun time.



The G Daddys played our wedding back in the end of September and they ROCKED! They got the whole house dancing and were truly the highlight of the party.  Great vocals, great playing, and a really great group of guys.  They did everything they said that they would and even went above and beyond.  If you are thinking about a DJ for your wedding you better think again.  THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! I have never been to a wedding in which the whole crowd was begging for an encore, but it happened at ours! Thanks guys, once again for the great memories.  It's November and our guests are still buzzing about you! We will definitly recommend you to everyone we know.  Keep on rockin and we will see you soon! 



Thank you so much for making our wedding so amazing. We had a great time. You guys did an outstanding job. We have had so many guests ask us who you guys were and where we found you! Your band was exactly what we were looking for! You guys really know how to keep the crowd dancing! I woke up the next morning with bruises all over the palm of my hand from the tambourine. I think I had more fun than anyone that night!!! The blow-up guitars were a really nice touch. We have some classic photos with them!! Thank you again – it was the most amazing night of our lives!! I would highly recommend you guys for any wedding!



The G-Daddys are absolutely amazing!! Our wedding was a huge hit because of them.  All night long, people kept talking about the band and how great they were.  People would not stop dancing.  I would recommend this band to anyone thinking about hiring them.  Not only will you get a first class band, but they will do a PERFECT job planning your event.  I wish there was a better word than professional that can describe my opinion of them.  Thanks again for everything!!!



We had the Gdaddy's band at our wedding in October and they were amazing!! We received so many compliments about how great they were.  Our guests were truly impressed.  Their song list got all ages on the dance floor and they really made the night so memorable.  Before the big day, they arranged calls, went over all the details of the wedding and made sure everything was perfect.  True professionals! I would HIGHLY recommend the Gdaddy's if you are looking for a band for your wedding! You won't be disappointed!! 

To the Gdaddy's--Thanks so much for everything, you guys truly rocked! If you are ever playing in Cleveland again, let me know.  Lauren and I will be there!!!!


JERRY KOWALEWSKI (father of the bride)

I want to thank you for accommodating my "throw together polka band " (A-K-A the 3 Kielbasas), to sit in on your breaks.  We really had a great time.  The G Daddy's are certainly the band I would recommend to any friend for the greatest entertainment.  Our guests are still talking about the band and how they danced all night.  We will be out to see you, along with many of our friends, very soon.  Keep up the great work guys! 

Kristie's Dad 


You guys did an awesome job at our wedding.  I got so many compliments – and heard lots of comments like “I would recommend them to anyone." You played such a great selection of music – I know I picked the songs but you guys made it so fun for everyone. The kids and adults had a lot of fun w/ the tambourines (including me), and the blow up guitars and fuzzy hats.  You made our party rock! Thank you for helping make our wedding the best day of both of our lives (so far.) That was all I wanted out of my wedding was for people to pack the dance floor and dance their butts off.  We will definitely be contacting you again for other events.


DONNA DEBLOUW (hockey team fundraiser)

AWESOME performance at our fundraiser.  Thanks for making the night so much fun.  Good thing we had a large dance floor so people could dance.  Everyone enjoyed the music you played.  Definitely will have you at our next event.

RON SHMYR (father of the bride) 

Okay, everyone has gone home and we are sitting back and remembering the event. I still cannot believe how perfect it was for us and EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE has said that you guys were the best band that they had ever heard at an event or party. I could not agree more. You guys are seriously fantastic at what you do and we are forever grateful. WE WILL COME SEE YOU EVERY NOW AND THEN BUT I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO YOU GUYS RUNNING THE SHOW AT OUR NEXT WEDDING. Not very often can someone push references on others, but if someone ever needs your kind of services, I will DEMAND that they at least contact you.


I saw the band perform for the first time at Partridge Creek Mall on July 17.  I was really impressed, loved all the music and can't wait to catch you guys again soon at another local venue! My favorite part was the horn section.  I grew up listening to a lot of Chicago's music. It's obvious that you all enjoy what you do.  You're a blast to watch and I love the music.  Keep it up!!! 


TOM HAMM - Eagle Eye Golf and Banquet facility

Hey Guys, great job last Sat. night keeping everyone entertained.  With you guys rockin the house down and keeping guests on the dance floor, it made our jobs easier.  Thanks Tom 


The G-Daddy's were the perfect wedding band! The guests were raving about them! They were extremely accommodating to all of our requests.  All of the members of the band are extremely talented and this showed on every song that was played.  They were very organized and made everything run very smoothly with the way they MC'ed the night.  We would recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding band! Thanks again!